cuddly kiwis - everglade

Cuddly kiwis - Papatoetoe

Cuddly kiwis - Papatoetoe

1 Keri Anne Place

Goodwood Heights

Auckland 2105

09 2636071

Cuddly kiwis - Papatoetoe

Cuddly kiwis - Papatoetoe

Cuddly kiwis - Papatoetoe

313S Great South Road


Auckland 2025

09 2794566

Whanau Testimonials

 My son has been going to Cuddly Kiwis Everglade for about 12 months. From what I have observed: The staff are always keen and happy in receiving my son in the morning. Warm and enthused when I pick up my boy in the afternoon. Great team dynamic. Thank ladies for all your efforts.

- Akorn & Dan


Parenting + Teaching = Cuddly Kiwis. 

We are perceiving the reflection of the Cuddly Kiwis efforts in our 4 year old. So proud. 

Thank you teachers.

- Vineet

 My child has learnt so much whilst attending Cuddly Kiwis which is about 2 years now. She loves her teachers & Friends and talks about the exciting activities they do at pre-school together & she can't wait to go back everyday. Cuddly kiwis has a great inviting environment and I believe the teachers truly care about the wellbeing & development of the children. Thank you Teachers for being so great!  

- Annie